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Gucci Belt: Guide to Buying a 5 cheap Gucci belts

Gucci Belt: Guide to Buying a 5 cheap Gucci belts

A Gucci belt is a belt from the popular Gucci brand. Gucci belts are commonly used to bend others and maintain their dominance.

If there is one thing in my apparel that I use the most, it must be my Gucci belt. It has become a definitive wardrobe accessory that instantly stages even the simplest outfits, and its flexibility makes it a great investment. While the belt hype has eased since its inception, don’t underestimate the timelessness of this belt. Like other designer belts from Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, the Gucci belt is a staple for the wardrobe that will stand the test of time. I have the Gucci belt in three different colors (black, white, and pink), but I wear black more often. Every time I wear my belt, many people text me and ask about its size (in terms of fit and width). So I thought I would share a complete guide to buying a belt.


Finding the Correct Size

Foremost, let’s talk about what most of you want to know … size! I have a size of 0 or 24 in pants (my sizes are 23 “waist and 32” hips) and I chose a size 70 for two of my belts and a size 75 for one, but I also got holes, more on that later. The 65 is a good hip belt that pairs best with skirts and dresses (sitting above my belly button), and the 75 is best for low pants. In high-waisted pants it was a little too long. The 70s pair perfectly with high-waisted pants – they sit just below my natural waist. Almost all of my undersides are high-rise or mid-size structures and the 70s are ideal for both. The 75 would have worked here, too, but then there was a lot of additional length that didn’t fit the belt circles either.

Gucci belt 2

Gucci offers an overview of the size on its website (see above) or click here on the “size overview” next to the color selection. I went with the size guide in the right column, what exactly it was. You can also go with a bigger size and have a cobbler change it. You cut the belt buckle area and adjust it to your size. They can also add additional holes that Gucci boutiques can do for you for free. I bought my Gucci white belt, size 75, and asked a sales representative at the Gucci boutique in Nordstrom to add some additional holes, which took approximately 15 minutes. I bought my belt online at Gucci, but any Gucci boutique will size it for you as long as it’s authentic!

Gucci Belt Size

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5 Cheap Gucci Belts

GUCCI belts are expensive, it’s no secret. But with the wide variety of retailers that sell them, it’s hard to decide where to spend your money.

You can search around on the off chance that you see for a modest Gucci belt, however, think about that the creator brand’s site offers free transport.

A vibe we see across the fashion world for spring and summer 2020 is the desire for timeless, classic pieces, and fashion houses like Gucci are definitely applying this approach to their accessories department.

From sliders to monogram bags, everyone wants a piece of Gucci. But the accessory that keeps popping up and combining supermodels like Kendall Jenner with rappers like Quavo is the GG Marmont belt.

Gucci has been making belts since the 1920s, but in 2016 the accessory got off to an unstoppable start.

And it’s no wonder: They give every outfit, whether chic or casual, a sophisticated yet chic touch of boujee, but under the £ 300 mark they’re also the easiest way to shop for the brand.

In fact, they are so popular that street vendors around the world recreate them with similar golden styles without apology.

For those whose budget is not part of the Gucci gang, don’t worry, we’ve also added some of these replicas to the bottom of our list.

Here is the List

1.     Classic Gucci belt: GG Supreme Belt with G buckle

Classic Gucci Belt

Img Source:

Gucci £ 225

We know this isn’t exactly a top secret retailer for a Gucci belt, but the official website offers free delivery, unlike other large retailers, which cost around $ 5.

This belt carries the legendary trademark of the brand and has an interlocking buckle that can be worn as a hip or waist belt.

It’s instantly recognizable, stylish, and is yours for under £ 300.

2.     Vintage-esque Gucci belt: Women’s Black Leather Gucci Belt

Vintage-esque Gucci belt

Img Source:

£225 from Gucci

Of course, the easiest way to avoid counterfeiting or dubious service is to contact the designer directly.

In black leather with a double G buckle made from antique brass, this is a stunning alternative to the overused popular style. It is also cheaper.

It already has a vintage touch. The longer you have this belt, the more beautiful it becomes. See it as a fashion investment.

3.     Best Gucci Wide Belt: Double G Buckle Leather Belt

Double G Buckle Gucci Belt

Img Source:

Gucci £ 285

With a width of 4 cm, this is a serious Gucci belt made of black leather.

It is made from calf leather and hot stamped for a textured look.

And of course it has the characteristic double G buckle.

The equivalent of black crocodile is £ 805: you can buy two of them and still have money left for that price.

4.     Best elastic Gucci belt: Web Elastic Belt with Torchon Double G Buckle

Elastic Gucci Belt

Img Source:

£320 from Farfetch

With a width of 4 cm, this is a beautiful white Gucci leather belt.

The distinctive blue, red and white stripe features the classic double G buckle.

There’s even an option to wear it on the waist or over the hips, depending on the size you choose.

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5.     Best suede Gucci belt: Suede Belt with Torchon Double G Buckle

Suede Gucci Belt

Img Source:

£225 from Gucci. Buy Here

Designed on the Gucci website in a midnight black dress, it’s easy to see how this hot red suede belt is a winning design accessory to transform any outfit.

With a twisted version of the house’s iconic Double G hardware, its 1.5cm width makes it a sleek, slim choice for everyday use.

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Gucci Belt: Guide to Buying a 5 cheap Gucci belts

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