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Give Your Jordan’s A Fresh Look – How To Lace Your Jordan 1’s

Air Jordans are well-known sneakers, with their demand currently growing considerably. These sneakers come in various models and styles to suit clients’ needs and preferences. However, these shoes are normally neglected because they are laced. Not many people have an idea of lacing up shoes, so the Air Jordans are often overlooked.

But there is a way to improve the shoe’s look and stand out to feel more comfortable. If you are interested in learning about the famous styles for lacing Jordans shoes, keep reading this guide.

How To Lace Your Jordan 1’s

Lacing your Jordan 1’s is through different options. Here are some of the analyzed lacing options you can choose from to know how to lace Jordan 1s.

Option 1: Loose, Half Laced, and Untied

The loose, half-laced, and untied option is a popular and easy-to-apply approach for lacing Jordan’s shoes. The user will require a lace measuring 63″ instead of the regular length of 72″. For this style, it’s recommended that the laces be kept loose and not tightened even when worn.

The two eyelets on the top side of the shoe should be left unlaced to allow the shoe to follow the ankle curve. The laces should be left hanging from the sixth eyelet and shouldn’t be pulled. In this method, the laces should be as short as possible; hence, less energy is needed to ensure the shoe stays loose and relaxed.

Option 2: Laced to the Top, Untied

This lacing style has some similarities with the first option. However, the current style prioritizes the top eyelets. The lacing style is cool and top-rated, as it portrays more laces and still keeps the shoe relaxed. You can follow the lacing steps above as you crisscross to the top eyelet leaving one-inch space for the lace to hang. The laces should also be loose to give the shoe ample space to relax.

Option 3: Tight Laced Halfway, Untied

Most skaters normally prefer this lacing style since it guarantees security while the shoe relaxes. The lacing is done up to the 5th eyelet and then passed across the tongue for looping. The laces should then be tucked into the shoe and tied inside to curb slip-offs. You can tighten the laces to suit your preferences at this particular point.

Option 4: Tight Laced Half Way, Tied Up

This lacing style is popular among people who love tying their shoes on the tongue’s outer part, leaving the knot to be seen. Take the laces from the 5th eyelet and create your preferred knot, and you are good to go. You are guaranteed an enhanced look as you show off the laces completely.

Option 5: Tight Laced To the Top, Tied

For persons intending to use Jordan 1s sneakers for therapy reasons, look for no other style. This style best fits different sports such as basketball, leaving the shoe secure and comfortable throughout the period. First, you need to complete the crossover lacing from the first half and then proceed to the top eyelets on the ankle part. The laces are left hanging at the top eyelets with excess laces.


It can be difficult to handle and maintain Jordan 1s shoes, especially if you are a first-timer. Thankfully, this guide offers lacing styles that bring a fresh look and still leave your shoe secure.

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