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Four Methods experts use to resize Wedding Rings

Four Methods experts use to resize Wedding Rings

Rings, especially wedding rings, are very close to our hearts. They hold emotional attachments. But a bummer is that finding the ring that fits precisely on your finger and doesn’t feel uncomfortable is a challenging task.

If you also face these issues, it’s time for a same-day ring resizing. We have devised four methods that professional jewellers extensively use for ring resizing.

Ring Stretching

Ring stretching is the most straightforward method of altering the engagement ring size. This procedure works for both sizing up and sizing down.

But it has some downsides too. It can only be used for plain band rings and is not recommended for beaded, engraved or patterned rings

The reason is that the design may get distorted by stretching, and beads may fall out. Also, rings made of tungsten or ceramic are not suggested to be pulled because the process is not helpful in that case.

As it stretches the ring, the thickness of the ring is reduced, and the circumference is increased.

●      The Process

The process of stretching involves a ring stretching machine. This machine consists of a spindle. First, the ring is heated, and then with the help of a lever, it is cranked until the desired size is achieved.


  • Straightforward method
  • Not time-consuming


  • It is not a wide-ranged method
  • It can’t be used for stoned, engraved or patterned rings
  • Not applicable for tungsten or ceramic rings

Ring Cutting

If your rings feel too big for your finger, don’t panic because it is a prevailing problem. But you can fix this size issue of the ring by cutting it. Take your ring to the original jeweller, who will fix it in no time. This method is helpful because it alters the ring size without damaging stones or patterns.

Whether your wedding ring is too big for your finger or is extra tight, it can be fixed by cutting. Such rings make a perfect combo with sustainable wedding dresses.

●      Process for size down

To decrease the size, the expert cuts a little piece of the ring at the bottom and then combines the ends with the help of heat. After polishing, no one would be able to identify any change.

●      Process for size up

A cut is made at the bottom of the ring. Then the metal is inserted between both ends so that the size fits your finger precisely. Then the ring is polished.


  • Cutting can increase or decrease the circumference of the ring
  • It can be used for engraved and patterned rings.
  • It doesn’t affect the broadness


  • Difficult for more complex designs

Sizing Beads

Sizing beads is the safest method of reducing the size of the ring. The coolest part is that it doesn’t affect the ring’s design, stones, engravement or thickness. Everything remains precisely as before; just the size is adjusted by bead.

●      Process

In this method, size beads are used, which are attached to the inside bottom circumference of the ring. Your ring will be reduced by half of the size.

It also solves the problem of flipping the ring.

This method is not so standard in the market, and most people prefer cutting to decrease the size.


  • It doesn’t affect the actual design of the ring.
  • The thickness is also not compromised.
  • The authentic look is maintained.


  • Some people don’t feel entirely comfortable with the bead

Adjustable Shanks

People who have difficulty getting the ring above the knuckles should opt for this procedure. This method is suggested for people with Arthritis or who have swollen knuckles.

●      Process

In this process, a shank is installed in your ring. The hinge helps you to open the ring. After wearing it close the ring on your finger with a click sound.


  • The ring adjusts easily on your finger
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • They should only be installed on gold and platinum rings.


Whether your partner wanted to surprise you with a beautiful, elegant ring and got the wrong size or your body has shown changes over time, ring adjustment is no problem.

According to your ring design, structure and size, you can choose the method that suits it. You should decide the method of ring resizing after consulting a professional jeweller.

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Review Four Methods experts use to resize Wedding Rings.

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