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Foundation Mistakes You Need To Stop Making
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Foundation Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Foundation Mistakes: Whether you have mastered the smokey eyes look or how gorgeous the color of your lipstick but, it’s all going to waste if the base makeup appears dry or cakey. Creating a natural, flawless base is essential for mastering your makeup; however, applying it wrongly could cause your skin to look aged and worn out.

Say goodbye to tidemarks’ uneven application and discordant shades by figuring out the exact spot you’re doing wrong and then how to fix those foundation flaws.

The Foundation Shade isn’t a Match for Your Skin Tone.

There is nothing that screams failure in makeup like the look of a foundation that is orange turning grey in the sun’s bright day. Whatever way it is to blend your foundation layers and set them picking the wrong shade of Foundation will cause a mess in your makeup.

Try a foundation shade outdoors in a daylight setting. Apply it to the top of your cheeks and move it down to the jawline to determine whether the shade is uniform across your neck and face. You should remove the Foundation after a few minutes because some formulations can oxidize the skin.

Not investing in the right formula of the Foundation.

Do not choose an ad-hoc foundation based on its packaging is pretty, or you are looking for a liquid foundation since your shade isn’t available in the cream formulations. As with skincare products, Foundations are designed with different consistency to blend with your skin.

Dry and beautiful skin can go for cream or liquid foundations to hydrate their skin throughout the day. Oily skin or combination may tend to prefer foundations made of water that are oil-free. A water-based foundation will give you a non-cakey finish with a great result.

Using the same foundation type through The Year

One of the most common mistakes we make when choosing our preferred Foundation is to use the same Foundation repeatedly during every season. The Foundation that gives your skin a appear radiant in winter may crack in the summer scorching heat. When selecting a foundation, be sure that your Foundation is suitable for the season. The liquid Foundation that hydrates work best in winter, while powder-based foundations can combat the heat.

Your Foundation Color Doesn’t Match Your Undertone.

If finding the right shade of Foundation was not enough, you need to match your Foundation with your undertones as well. Undertones are the colors beneath your skin’s surface, which determine the overall tone of your skin. They generally are cool, warm, and neutral.

The easiest method to find out your undertone is by taking a look at the veins. If you’ve got violet or blue veins that are cool, then you have an undertone. The veins with green veins are warmer undertones. And if they look like a mix of both, you’ve got neutral undertones.

You Should Not Prepare Your Skin for Foundation

If you plan to stay at home for the day, make sure to set your Foundation. Apply a soft hand to the setting powder to avoid the dreaded cakey look. Be sure to spray some setting spray throughout the daytime so that your makeup stays healthy and the skin moisturized.

Making Use of the Wrong Tools

While your fingers may appear to be the best option for mixing the makeup you apply, it isn’t the best tool can be. Using sponges and brushes is great for coating and lending makeup a flawless finish. They also employ less commonly used makeup products. Use the beauty blender to smudge off any excess foundation to create the perfect matte appearance. The makeup brushes to aid in melting the Foundation into your skin to create an even, flawless look.

Making Use of Unclean Makeup Tools

It is imperative to wash and dry your makeup tools following each use. Unclean brushes and sponges harbor bacteria, which can then spread to the skin. A clean sponge and brush will provide a better result than tools with clogged pores.

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