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Find Right Wig for Face Shape
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Find Right Wig for Face Shape

There is one thing that can do wonders to your overall looks and appearance, and you might be thinking, what it is. The answer is very simple, your hairstyle. Your hairstyle can be a style statement made by you while attending any personal or professional event and party, etc. Keeping this in mind, you need to know that an attractive wig with premium quality can be your go-to choice. However, the right wig should be one that not only suits your personality but also resonates with your face shape, you have to find the right wig at UNICE for the face shape.

These Wigs wholesale can help you with your hairstyling choices in daily life. So, if you are looking to find the right wig for your face shape, the next part is very important for you to know. So keep reading to get the right wig for you!

Wig Styles for Oval Faces

The shape of the Oval face is narrower at the jawline and it is smoothly rounded with the hairline. In Oval face shape, the length of the face is around one and half times its width. The Oval face shape is the ideal shape that is considered to have proportional features and have not any dominant characteristics.  The individual must be well-aware of his or her face shape while selecting the hairstyle or wig as it is necessary to get a look that would be suitable for the individual and it is totally upon the choice of the individual (Lowery, 2013).

For the person who has an oval face, the shape is recommended to use the flattering style that is away from the face to highlight its features. Bob cut with fringe that falls on the shoulder and away from the face is also considered appropriate. Besides this, mid-length style with a layer is also helpful to add the volume in the flattering wig and it could provide a look that suits on Oval shape. Any bang style could provide an attractive look to the Oval face shape as according to the celebrity stylish deep side middle and side-swept is generally considered attractive for the Oval shape.

Wig Styles for Square Faces

The square face shape is structured as a wide angular jawline that is similar to the width of the forehead. A square face shape with a wide line and hairline is considered best to get them straight and angular hairstyle. For a square face shape, it is recommended to avoid a short style that ends at the jawline and it would prominent the angles of word face and not considered to give an attractive look. The square face shape is recommended to find the week that adds height on the forehead with a systematic shape and narrow the sides of the face that would create an illusion of length.

Square face shape could look flatter by adopting a layered or wavy style hairstyle that would provide strong angles of the face and also provide better looking. Moreover, the wig for the square face shape must be worked with fringe and it should make sure that the individual find the wig that has a longer hair length and compliments the face shape as lengthy. Square faces are recommended to use curly wigs that would help to provide a look of lengthy face shape by narrowing the forehead and showing the full jawline (Claes, et al., 2018).

Wig Style for Round face

A round face is based on a wide hairline and circular form of the face. Several women with round faces are considered short and have broad fullness under the cheekbones. The round-shaped face has the widest part of the face at the cheeks and ear therefore to be good for the round face is recommended that they must have a fullness and height at the crown of the head and cheekbone that would show the length of the face. Suit set 

The wig style with centred parting is also considered awesome for the round faces as it would be helpful to soften the fullness. The round faces individuals are recommended to avoid the blunt cuts around the jawline as it does show more weight on the face and also gives roundness at the jawline. Besides this, longer hair length wigs are considered an appropriate choice for round shape individuals as it would be helpful to provide the compliment of the rounder parts of the cheeks and jawline that look at the lengthy face. The lengthy wig should base on lots of layers or waves with the volume at least at the shoulder or longer than the shoulder.

Wig Style for Heart faces

A heart face shape is based on the wide forehead, high angular and narrow chin that looked like an upside triangle. Sometimes heart-shaped faces are considered to shape the face perfectly with the combination of flattering wigs as it includes the style that provides wispy fringes on the forehead. The style includes longer layers flatter on the face shape (Righi, Peissig, & Tarr., 2012).

The wig framed for the face is also recommended with layers or a bob cut that is suitable for the heart shape and it creates a balance among the shape of face and hairstyle. The heart shape individuals are recommended to avoid the styles that show the fullness and height at the crown as it could narrower the chin and face proportion to not look attractive. A flattering style for heart shape is considered appropriate as well as big with subtle layers is also considered an awesome face.

Wig Style for long faces

Long faces are required to adopt the style that shows the width as long faces have narrow width and extended length that makes the chin point. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the style that is helpful to add more width than its height. In long faces, the forehead and jawline appear with similar width and the side of cheeks specifically it is considered spread the hair in length wig is considered a great twice for the long face cut. A mid-length style between the chin and shoulder is also helpful to add width to the face. The wig style with waves and relaxed curl curves is also considered ideal which would add the width and volume that is required to provide the balance on the face. Cotton Kurta  

Therefore, it is recommended to be sure that the shorter hair length would be suitable and it would add some volume that would provide curvy edges on the face (Chin & Kim, 2010). Bangs wig style is the most suitable hairstyle for the long face as it provides a flattering shape that does not only look beautiful but is also easy to manage. The individual should avoid the cropped bangs at it would only show the length of the forehead but overall bang style week is considered attractive.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the art of finding the right wig for your face shape.

It is vital to keep in mind that every face shape is different so all wigs are not made for all face shapes. You have to be aware of your face shape first, and then you can choose the right wig that can provide a new charm to your personality with attractive hairstyling.

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Review Find Right Wig for Face Shape.

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