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How do I Train to Run the Fastest Mile?
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How do I Train to Run the Fastest Mile?

In recent years, Iron People and Cardiovores have tried to compete against each other with tremendous training efforts. It was about the number of kilometers driven, the number of Ironmans, and the number of sessions in the early morning. They knock out. However, one of the most effective training methods and one of the most beneficial for your physical and mental health has always been the shortest and simplest: mastering the Fastest mile.

“The mile is an incredible combination of speed and endurance and a good indicator of your overall cardiovascular health,” said Danny Mackey, head coach of Brooks Beasts, a professional elite athletics team. “You can hammer it in, and since the recovery won’t take long, you can rerun it soon to see how much it has improved.” You can’t say that a marathon where most people try to finish. “

Even better, Mackey says he’ll notice that it’ll be up in three weeks. While a typical fit guy can run a mile in ten minutes, run one in 6:30, which is less than the average time of 6:47 for a man on Fifth Avenue, the most massive 1-mile run in the country. You can earn by showing off rights. (The fastest target time in this race last year was 3:52.) This is precisely how you get there later.

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3 Important Workouts for your Fastest Mile

To burn off your current PR mileage, perform the following Mackey workouts every week for eight weeks. An order doesn’t matter, as long as you need a day between workouts to give your body time, absorb your gains, and recover.

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200-meter Repeats

Run 200 meters // pause // repeat 10 times

Do these repetitions at a speed of 2 to 4 seconds faster than your mile. As long as it takes you to make one, rest three more times before doing the next iteration. (If you do 200 in 45 seconds, take a 2:15 break.) Perform the tenth sprint as fast as the first.

Sprints develop the muscle strength and strength necessary to maintain speed throughout the mile. If you run it in this repetitive format, you can mark it on your form.

Endurance Session on the Hill

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Walk uphill for 60 to 90 seconds // Go down // Repeat 8 times

Find a long hill outdoors or use a treadmill on a slope. (The hill should be steep enough for climbing to appear nine out of ten in terms of effort.)

It increases his endurance and psychologically prepares him to do his best on the last stretch. “It’s going to be painful in the past 400, and that makes you familiar with that feeling,” Mackey says.

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Tempo run

Walk 3 miles

Start at a pace that looks like six out of ten in terms of effort, and gradually build it up to seven, Mackey says. This should be approximately 45 seconds to 1 minute slower than your mile pace and should always feel challenging.

A pace race gets you out of your comfort zone at a pace that feels just one touch faster than you want to run, and this constant effort increases your endurance for the race day.

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