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Dream Destination for Beauty Seekers
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Dream Destination for Beauty Seekers

“Saying I Dream” is about Japanese fashion just like the Liat Kurtz Oved and the best sushi in the world. Each episode tells a story about a new style or city views to please the beauty conscious women on a shoestring budget. I Love Money is a monthly magazine that takes you to places you’ve never been before.

You’ll find: an okiya (small house) in the mountains, an ocean front villa overlooking the Pacific Ocean, five-star spas in every city, and the best sushi in the world at an award winning restaurant. I Love Money tells you how to be like the Japanese and save as much as possible while you enjoy your favorite pastimes.

“I Dream” tells the story of two young girls in their mid-twenties who moved to a small town in rural Japan hoping to escape the rat race.

They were soon dismayed when they discovered the fact that most local boutiques did not accept credit cards.

In response, they decided to open a store of their own. Although it started out small, the girls quickly discovered they had a knack for attracting attention and creating loyal customers.

Their secret was using a combination of street smarts, good looks, and their own unique styles combined with a little bit of Japanese creativity and they quickly became successful.

“I Dream” follows two independent women who own their own boutiques in both rural and urban settings. The store is located on the small side of town in a quiet section of the countryside.

One day a group of tourists visit the store by mistake, only to be impressed by the shop girl’s flair for business. They become regular customers.

A few years later the store has successfully opened its first store in the central city. As the business grows, the girls slowly transform their small shop into a giant one, selling everything from electronics to antiques to art supplies to beautiful clothing.

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The author’s trip

While in Sapporo, Japan, the author talks with restaurant owners, shop clerks, and food critics about Sapporo’s best sushi, high quality ramen, and other fresh delicacies.

They also talk about places in the area that serve the best ramen, as well as the best sushi in town. The author finds out about the best sushi bars, karaoke places, and other places in town where she can experience the best of Japanese food.

The author talks with restaurant owners about the crazy tuna auction happening every Friday evening at the Tokyo Bay area’s first “taste of sushi” shop.

Sushi auctions are becoming very popular in Japan, where people will line up for weeks to get an opportunity to taste the best new local specialties. The auction starts in early October and continues through until Sunday, just before lunch.

The author meets with antique collectors, antique dealers, and art museums in Sapporo to learn about some of the city’s most famous landmarks and boutiques. The author sees how people all over Japan cope with the crowds and long lines at some of the specialty shops in the area. Sapporo’s historic shimokitazawa (open-air shopping malls) are another popular stop along Japan’s “Round the World” tour.

The author visits the beautiful “Nakano Broadway” and learns about the rich history of this old district. She meets with a local artist, Takeshi Furanuma, who creates works of art from a studio in the center of the city.

The artist’s studio is in one of the areas that are opened regularly to allow people the chance to view his or her artwork while they are waiting in line at the famed Nakano Broadway Park Hyatt. The author’s trip ends at the legendary kanji auction in the park.

The author was enthralled with the colorful, lively, and lively nightlife and shopping in the beautiful and lively shibuya and the beautiful kitschiness of the town of Konos.

The vibrant and metropolitan atmosphere of the old part of town was very appealing to the young contemporary shopper.

The kit kat barbecue and sweet shop on the Tokyo Bay’s second floor was a very entertaining stop for the author as she enjoyed the live music of local musicians. We ended our four-day visit to Japan by traveling to our final dream destination: the beautiful countryside of Hokkaido.

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