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Custom Clothing Labels

Custom Clothing Labels

Design and Create your Unique Woven Labels

If you are a fashion designer and have been designing clothes for your clients for a long time, you need to use custom clothing labels. However, if you have recently completed your tailoring course and started as an entrepreneur, you should start using custom clothing labels. You need to spread your brand from the very first dress you design and sew.

Choosing the correct materials for your brand label is just as important as choosing the correct materials for your products, as your brand label will remain attached to your product after all other packaging has been removed. These custom-woven clothing labels can be modified according to customers’ needs. These custom-woven garment labels are widely used for labelling purposes in apparel and apparel companies. And these custom clothing labels are made from the highest quality raw materials.

Whatever design you have in mind, our apparel label maker at Super Label Store will make it look exactly how you want it, from fully customized apparel labels to custom sew-on and iron-on labels. Easily order your custom woven labels now and sew clothing labels online. Buy and create high-quality Clothing labels online at

Design your clothing labels and tags now

Design your clothing labels and tags now

Our instinctive design process makes it easy to turn your ideas into professional, custom clothing labels and tags. You can choose from hundreds of shapes, sizes and creative elements available. It is possible to order woven labels and tags for sewing clothes, bags, household items and much more.

Upload your own design?

Already have a logo? Simply upload a digital file, email the file to us, or contact our support team. We review your graphic and production specifications and help you choose the best garment type, sizing and yarn colour options.

Types of custom clothing labels and clothing labels

You may need different types of custom clothing labels for the garments you create. Let’s have a look at the various kinds of tags:

  • Woven Clothing Labels
  • Hand Tags
  • Care Labels
  • Pre-Made Labels
  • Sewing Labels
  • Fabric Tags

Tips and tricks for applying custom clothing labels

Iron-on label: If you ordered the iron-on label, ironing it onto the shirt is the easiest option.

Sew: If you made the label yourself or ordered it from a manufacturer, simply use a simple line stitch and sew all four sides. If you want the label to be attached as a label, you will need to sew one side to the sideline of the shirt/t-shirt leaving the rest visible.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process of creating custom clothing labels, it’s always a good idea to get them from an expert like SuperLabelStore.

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