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Can You Vape During Pregnancy?

Can You Vape During Pregnancy?

Expectant mothers will go to any lengths to ensure the safety of their unborn child. Over the years, research has proved that smoking cigarettes during pregnancy can cause severe harm to both the mother and child. When you take these research papers and studies into account, it is best to quit smoking when trying to conceive or pregnant. As a result, more and more women are now turning to vape pens during their pregnancy to limit the damage caused by nicotine. How do women take these research papers into account when deciding whether to switch to vaping? Here is a look at everything you need to know about smoking and vaping during pregnancy to choose the best option.

Should Women Smoke During Pregnancy?

Smoking cigarettes while pregnant can lead to developmental issues in babies and is equally harmful to expectant mothers. Since most research says so about smoking, women worldwide take these studies at face value for good measure. Research indicates that consumption or intake of nicotine at higher levels can produce massive damage to both the child and mother. As a result, most pregnant women quit smoking during pregnancy. However, this can be quite challenging for women struggling with nicotine or tobacco addiction.

Quitting cold turkey might not be the best alternative in such cases as it can lead to increased use later, which can be even more harmful. Additionally, quitting can give rise to various side effects and withdrawal symptoms that can be difficult to manage. Women must consider these before deciding what to do about their smoking habits. Hence, most expectant mothers try to switch to a healthier alternative rather than quitting cold turkey. That is where vape pens and e-cigarettes come into the picture, as they help make this transition smoother.

How Does Smoking Harm Women and Children?

Cigarettes contain several harmful substances, such as additives, nicotine, tobacco extracts, and other chemicals. On the other hand, e-cigarettes allow women to limit their growing child’s exposure to toxins. Also, second-hand smoke or passive smoke inhalation can be as destructive and harmful as smoking. Many young mothers might not have a smoking habit but find themselves living in conditions that expose them to second-hand smoke. As a result, even encouraging their husbands, fathers, or brothers to switch can be beneficial. Turning the entire family to vaping can significantly affect the mother’s health during pregnancy.

How Does Smoking Harm Women and Children

Tobacco smoke from conventional smoking contains over 7000 chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic and toxic. On the other hand, e-cigarettes produce and emit fewer chemicals and toxins, leading to the inhalation of fewer harmful substances. Smoking cigarettes containing high amounts of nicotine can increase the risk of the following conditions:

  1. Ectopic pregnancy
  2. Miscarriage
  3. Placental abruption
  4. Preterm delivery
  5. Stillbirth
  6. Low birth weight
  7. Sudden infant death syndrome
  8. Birth-defects
  9. Decreased lung and brain development

If that was not enough, mothers who continue smoking after birth put themselves at risk for the following ailments:

  1. Asthma
  2. Colic
  3. Development of chronic conditions
  4. Cancer
  5. Respiratory ailments
  6. Reduced cardiovascular performance
  7. Hyper-tension

What Are E-cigarettes and Vape Pens?

CBD cigarettes and vape pens are variants of traditional cigarettes that offer fewer side effects by delivering nicotine or CBD in vapor form. Unlike conventional cigarettes, they do not produce harmful tobacco smoke, making them a cleaner and safer alternative.

In such devices, the cartridge contains a heating element that warms the e-juice or liquid. On heating, these compounds release a vapor that consumers inhale and exhale, giving the practice the moniker vaping.

The e-liquid is essentially a blend of chemicals that may or may not contain added flavors and additives. The market offers variants that contain nicotine, tobacco extracts, and even cannabidiol. Individuals trying to quit smoking usually experiment with juices that contain hemp extracts for added health benefits. Over time, these devices allow users to downgrade to lower levels of nicotine consumption and eventually give up their addiction.

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Why Is Vaping Better for Expectant Mothers?

Unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping allows young mothers to cut out their nicotine consumption. They can switch to liquids with hemp extracts which offer health benefits while preventing the adverse side effects of tobacco. Additionally, these devices do not produce any harmful smoke that can cause cardiovascular and respiratory ailments in consumers. Over time, such products also help individuals give up their addictions and habits, allowing them to be nicotine-free. Try a CBD vape kit and experience the difference between the two yourself.

Can You Vape During Pregnancy women

Vape pens and e-cigarettes also help individuals work through their withdrawal symptoms naturally and organically. Rather than bear the discomfort that arises when quitting cold turkey, relying on vape pens makes the transformation sustainable. Such products also end up being more economical in the long run, helping expectant families save thousands of their hard-earned money. Expectant fathers and grandparents can also make the switch to ensure the young child and mother do not get exposed to second-hand smoke. Vaping liquids that contain CBD can help young mothers battle insomnia, inflammation, pain, and other discomforts that arise after pregnancy.

However, consumers need to research the market and study active ingredients in vaping products. Since the market surrounding such products is relatively new, consumers need to ensure they purchase them from reputable and credible companies. Expectant mothers should also avoid vaping liquids that contain high amounts of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine. Additionally, users need to go through the company website to check for third-party testing reports and other certificates to ensure quality.

Closing Thoughts

Between 1965 and 2017, the smoking rate in America dropped from 42% to 14%, thanks to science highlighting its adverse side effects. People who consider these research papers switched to electronic nicotine delivery systems and other alternatives, such as CBD carts. A recent study showed that over 7% of smoking women turned to vaping months before pregnancy and continued the habit up to six months after delivery.

Additionally, teenage girls have also switched to e-cigarettes and vape pens with limited nicotine content to protect their bodies and health. While only 1% of high school girls reportedly vaped in 2011, the total grew to 19% by 2018. These changes result from mounting evidence that vaping is a much safer and healthier alternative. The bottom line here is that if you do not smoke, it is better to stay off the habit while pregnant or trying to conceive. However, if you have a habit of smoking, vaping can be a better alternative for both you and your unborn child. Let us know in the comments what vape products have helped you through your pregnancy!

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