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Can You Buy CBD Products on Amazon?

Can You Buy CBD Products on Amazon?

CBD Products on Amazon: Amazon is a go-to place for several consumers whenever they need to purchase some stuff to meet their personal needs. Amazon is the largest online seller offering the widest variety of products, quick delivery, and an opportunity to know what people are saying in their reviews.

You could be a little disappointed to note these feats are not available when you try to purchase CBD oil from the giant online store. Many CBD users may wonder why the largest online retailer on the earth is not offering the products of their choice. Let’s talk about why Amazon does not allow the selling of CBD products on their platform.

Has Amazon Stopped Selling CBD Oil?

The short answer is yes. Being an online retailer selling $177 billion worth of products each year, the company has to lose a lot if potentially illegal products are offered on its platform.

The company clearly explains, “Products offered for sale on Amazon must comply with all laws and regulations.” And “supplements must not contain controlled substances”. The company goes into detail to explicitly mention that products containing ‘controlled substances such as CBD’ are not permitted for selling.

Can You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?

Does amazon sell CBD oil 2020? Several users are interested in finding an answer to the question. At first, you could not find CBD oil in the impressive inventory of 562,382,292 items that Amazon holds. The good news is despite Amazon’s policy to restrict CBD sales on their e-commerce network, you can purchase CBD oil. But how? Let’s talk about it.

Despite the ban on CBD products on Amazon, the sellers have found a way to bypass the policies and sell CBD products. Instead of disclosing the CBD content of their products, the sellers labeled them as hemp extract. Using this ruse, they successfully defy the ban imposed by the online retail giant. But this leads to a potential quality issue that online buyers may encounter while purchasing hemp-extracted products on Amazon. Let’s discuss it briefly.

Quality CBD

The problem arises from the fact the products labeled as hemp extract do not mention the cannabinoid profile of the product. Therefore, we are not sure if they contain CBD; or what percentage of CBD is in the final product. It raises several questions on the quality of CBD products purchased this way.

What not to Buy on Amazon?

If purchasing quality CBD products is your priority, Amazon is not a place to get them. As mentioned earlier, being among Amazon banned products, selling CBD involves using a loophole that provides sellers a window to label and sell their products as hemp-extracted oil.

It does not mean CBD products purchased from Amazon do not have any beneficial effects. They can help you to enjoy multiple health and wellness effects. Since these products do not provide information on cannabinoid profiles and other ingredients, consumers cannot be sure if they meet their specific consumption needs.

Final words

Amazon does not permit the selling of CBD products on its retail network. However, sellers offer their products labeled as hemp extract, but such products may have quality issues. If you are looking for CBD products with high quality and unmatched consistency, an online CBD store found here might become a perfect place to get them.

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