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Gift Ideas for New Small Business Owners
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Gift Ideas for New Small Business Owners

The lockdown has disrupted brick-and-mortar business globally. You can motivate your entrepreneur friends and colleagues by sending inspirational, practical, or personalized gifts. To get you started, we have some unique ideas for new small businesses.

A Portable Coffee Maker

A portable coffee maker an essential for business owners who enjoy coffee. The coffee machine is compact enough to fit comfortably on your desk. You may even carry it in your bag wherever you go.

The single-serve coffee maker from Boly is compatible with ground coffee and K-cup pods. If the recipient loves fresh, roasted coffee, you can include a subscription. They’ll enjoy the convenience of making their favorite beverage in the office or at home.

Sustainable Handmade Shoes

Sustainability and environmental degradation are a growing concern for many consumers and businesses alike. Brands like Adelante and Solely Shoes create custom-made shoes made of eco-friendly and cruelty-free products.

They offer bespoke services that allow you to tailor all measurements and preferences. You can determine the elastic, stitching, and pull tabs according to your taste.

The bespoke service is more expensive than a regular shoe. However, you can get a high-quality product tailored to the recipient’s needs and tastes.  Any business owner will be impressed by the amount of thought you put into getting them a gift.

Wine Baskets Full of Treats

A wine basket is an affordable gift, ideal for virtually any occasion. You can send this to a friend on a birthday, engagement, or baby shower. They are also suitable for both business and personal occasions.

Consider including a basket with lots of treats like these Hickory Farms wine gift baskets. They include expertly curated savory meats, cheeses, and specialty foods.

The variety to choose from is endless; this includes wine, chocolate, cheese, and fruit baskets. If you know the recipients’ preferences, you can always find a gift they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Swivel Attachable Laptop Monitor

An attachable laptop monitor allows you to extend your laptop screen. The extended screen can increase productivity for entrepreneurs, saving approximately eight hours a week.

Business owners can detach the screen to use it while on the move. It is an ideal gift for professionals whose work involves collecting data in the field.

The attachable monitor is a convenient way to access documents while you’re away from your workstation. Unlike a portable device, you can attach it to the laptop when you get back to your desk.

An Audiobook Subscription

An audiobook is a convenient way for busy entrepreneurs to read inspirational or educational books. You can listen to the audio while cooking, typing, or driving.

Consider an audiobook subscription for business owners from the leading platforms. Audible, Blinklist, and Scribd have a wide variety of quality audiobooks with unlimited access. The recipient can choose and listen from any number of books available on these platforms.

Understanding the recipient’s preferences is critical in finding the perfect gift. If you are yet to make up your mind, consider chocolate, fruit, and wine gift baskets from Hickory Farms. You can pick a basket for any occasion such as mother’s day, birthday, valentine, or retirement.

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