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The Best Strategies for Thicker Hair
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The Best Strategies for Thicker Hair

No one wants to lose their hair. But for many of us, it’s inevitable. If your mane is gradually fading, don’t wait for a baldness cure. Try these strategies for thicker hair.

Use a thickening shampoo:

Many shampoos claim to make your hair thicker, but just one ingredient has been shown to preserve your pate. Try Nizoral A-D, the only non-prescription shampoo containing ketoconazole. Foam a quarter of a spoonful two or three times a week; more could dry out your hair and break it. Use a non-irritating shampoo in between.

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Let go of your comb:

With constant combing and brushing, beautiful hair can appear limp and flat. Instead of that, your style with your fingers. They add volume and texture.

Stop Smoking:

As if that weren’t enough, smoking increases levels of hormones that can cause hair loss, according to a study from the Harvard School of Public Health. Smoking also narrows the tiny blood vessels that nourish the scalp and robs your hair of the nutrients it needs to grow.

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Let your Thicker hair dry naturally:

hair dry naturally

Human hair is three times weaker when wet. So if you comb your hair or towel dry it, you can damage and crack it – the last thing you want when you’re already a little thin. Instead, let your hair dry naturally, or blow-dry gently and style with your fingers for added texture.

Dry your hair

You can also use a hairdryer to add volume to your fine hair. But don’t tip it over a flame, or it will damage your hair’s natural proteins, making it brittle.

Wear a Hat in the Sun:

Don’t let your head cook in scorching heat. Sunburn causes your hair to become brittle and brittle and your scalp to produce a compound called superoxide. This causes the hair follicles to go from a growth phase to an excretion phase.

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Get a better Haircut:


Some men try to fight baldness by growing or separating their hair. But a shorter haircut is always more flattering, so go for a classic or unstructured cut if you still have hair to play with.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo:

Over time, the product you apply to your hair can build up and make your hair look dull and lifeless. You can use a clarifying shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care to remove all that has built up and keep your hair shiny. You can also use white vinegar to rinse your hair, as it helps balance the pH level. It may sound strange, but it always works.

Use an Egg Conditioner:

The egg is loaded with essential proteins and minerals like sulfur that your hair secretly needs. Take advantage of the benefits of eggs by regularly conditioning your thicker hair with egg yolk for hair. Let the egg yolk enter deep into your scalp to strengthen your follicles from within.

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Protect your Hair from Chlorine:

Chlorine in swimming pools can be highly disastrous for the scalp, as it makes your hair dry and fragile. The easiest way to guard your hair against the harmful effects of chlorine is to moisten it with clean water and apply a mild conditioner before entering the pool. You can also wear a bathing cap.

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Cut the Heat:

One more important hair care tip would be to avoid exposing your hair to too much heat. Stop using a hair dryer for your hair. Let the hair dry naturally. It may take a while, but it will surely prevent your hair from frizz. But if you are using a hair dryer, be sure to keep it on a low setting.

Avoid tight Hats:

Tight hats or even tight ponytails can cause “ traction alopecia, ” a hair condition that can lead to hair loss, sometimes permanent.

To stay Healthy:

The health of your hair is a replication of your lifestyle. For men, taking care of their hair means eating right, getting plenty of exercise, drinking water, getting enough sleep, and trying to stay positive.

Your hair is the first thing that appears in you. Well-groomed hair will turn other heads in your direction.

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