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Beauty Treatments authorized from August 1st? The Guidelines for Facials, Eyebrows, and Waxing?
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Beauty Treatments authorized from August 1st? The Guidelines for Facials, Eyebrows, and Waxing?

Now that the Beauty Treatments industry finally has a start date, we’re chatting with some of the industry’s top experts to learn more about massages, facials, eyebrow treatments, and salon hair removal, and what we can expect when the experience opens.

Can I book a massage?

What meant to be a comforting and revitalizing experience presents several social distancing and hygiene issues, thanks to the practical nature of the service in the Covid-19 era? “We don’t imagine massages to be our most popular service, despite questions about waiting lists for hair and nail services,” admits Fiona McIntosh, co-founder and creative director of reservations. By Blow Home Beauty Treatments. Blow Ltd Professionals Book Online and Help Customers Houses complete the services, so they also rely on a level of cleanliness and customer awareness.

“Though, our massage therapists will follow special is severe safety procedures, wear gloves and masks, and disinfect tools before and after visits, in addition to using COVID tracking tools,” she adds. In a statement on the virus, the Council for Soft Tissue Therapies noted that therapists should “consider the feasibility of providing services through a hands-off method if possible.” The place of gentle massage in a post-COVID-19 world will likely quite different from the addition of PPE tools and gloves.

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Are facials allowed?


Speaking to the best therapists, what needs to be changed the most is the PPE that facials will use. Masks will be a requirement when administering facials, and a facial massage will deliver with gloves, which may change the sensory experience of clients. Social distancing will continue. In small rooms, customers will not be allowed to enter the lounge until the former customer has paid and left to avoid risk. At Debbie Thomas’ South Kensington Clinic, they will provide a plexiglass screen at the front desk to protect staff and customers.

As Urban Retreat’s Reena Hammer says, “We believe this will improve an incredible customer journey, which can fail when the going gets tough.” One of the things we’re going to do is start each facial treatment with a hygiene ritual between client and therapist to build trust. In this way, it is not just a clinical experience; it becomes part of the treatment in the same way that some facials begin with a foot bath and massage. ”

Hammer trusts that facials will be the treatment of most significant concern to clients, as the therapist must maintain close contact. However, Urban Retreat has done its best with hygiene to reassure customers and protect staff. “We have socially capitalized heavily in a medical-grade spray that prevents any bacteria from living or growing there. It like a permanent Dettol spray, guaranteed for up to five years. We spray all the doorknobs, handrails, taps, and tracks, “says Hammer.

Can I do my Eyebrows?


For all women, a monthly visit to an eyebrow therapist to order their eyebrows is prevalent. Now that eyebrow authorities finally know when they will allow to return to work, what will be the impact on post-eyebrow and lash block treatments? “We will have to equip both therapists and clients with masks and gloves and be extremely careful to disinfect chairs and equipment before and after use,” says Vanita Parti, founder of Blink Brow Bars. “Social distancing will mean low customers at all times, but we can deliberate creating more hours to ensure that we can meet demand after closing.”

Also, facialists will wear both a mask and a visor, while the front of the house will only wear visors. The restaurant area has remodeled for coats and bags, which will be divided from two to three layers per rail, while staff will have to change the clothes they were traveling in before greeting customers. Despite initial doubts, Hammer believes that customers will crave human interaction and that, in a reflective environment, post-closure facials will be an even more rewarding experience than before Covid-19.

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Waxing appointments allowed?

Beauty Treatments salons offering hair removal services can now reopen in England. The news will be a relief to all estheticians across the country. Cleaning will be even more frequent and exhaustive, and the use of disposable products will be maintained. The air quality will supported by constant ventilation throughout the living room. While bedding and towels will change after each client, Zainab adds that he also considering adding another protective layer to the bedding so that it thrown away immediately rather than sent to the laundry. Regarding wax pots, Zainab says: “We other pots, but the spatula never soaked twice and thrown away the first time you use it. It guarantees the absence of contamination of the wax whose temperature controlled to maintain cleanliness.

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