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Are online slots legal in Vegas?

Are online slots legal in Vegas?

slots legal in Vegas: Everybody knows that slot machine games thrive in Las Vegas – it is the number one gambling holiday location in the world, and the huge selection of land-based slots have a huge amount to do with that. However, are pay by phone slots legal in Vegas, or is it just land-based casinos that have the green flag? That’s a great question, read on to find out the answer! We’ll be taking a look at:

        Gambling laws in Vegas

        The legality of online slots in Vegas

        Free to Play Social Slots

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So, are slots legal in Vegas?

This might be quite hard to believe, but despite the thriving land-based casino industry, online slots are actually illegal for the most part in Vegas’ state of Nevada. You heard that right, you cannot play real money online slots legally in the U.S unfortunately. This doesn’t actually reflect the entire online casino industry as there are some exceptions, with sports betting and online poker being completely legal in the state. However, slots fans are sadly out of luck – Nevada has an umbrella ban on all online casino games with the exception of poker, meaning you would have to travel to a nearby casino if you wanted to hit up the slots. Whilst this is frustrating, let’s be honest – who on earth would play slots online in Las Vegas when you can simply play at the casinos? That’s the whole point of travelling to Vegas in the First Place

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But I want to play online slots in Vegas… is there an alternative?

Whilst many of us are holding on to the dream that online slots will eventually be legalized in Las Vegas, there are alternatives. The state is perfectly happy with people playing what they call Social Slots, otherwise known as free-to-play slots. This certainly isn’t quite as good, as it does mean that you are unable to make any deposit, and you will not be able to win any real money. Instead, the games operate based on virtual currency, usually in the form of coins, gems or tokens. So, what’s the point in social slots? Surely the whole point in playing slots it to hit a jackpot? Well, not necessarily – look at these reasons people still love to play these games:

        Playing social slots online is a great way to test out games, which you can then play for real money in the land-based casinos

        Many people play online slots simply for the fun, it doesn’t always have to be about money

        If you’ve spent your budget for the day on your Vegas holiday, at least you can still get your fix for free online!

It truly is sad that online slots are illegal in Las Vegas, but at least there is some form of alternative!

Final Thoughts

Overall, online slots are actually illegal in Vegas – as bizarre as it seems, the only legal forms of online gambling in the state of Nevada is online poker and sports betting. Don’t worry though, you can still fill your boots with slots at land-based casinos in Vegas, so all is good. 

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