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All About Soccer in Italy: How to Attend Matches and Where to Buy Tickets

All About Soccer in Italy: How to Attend Matches and Where to Buy Tickets

The year 202 was anything but predictable. Things that we were certain about began to crumble. One of those things was the world of sport which barely can exist without its loyal fans. Unfortunately, in the first half of the past year, all Soccer games were either canceled or postponed in most parts of the world.

Of course, that was a necessary and important step to protect the citizens from a health threat. It was especially important for Italy. I mean, none of us need to pay for essays on history to recall those early days of confusion, fear, and denial. Italy was the first European country to suffer from Covid-19. Thus, it made it the least prepared country of all. No one knew what the right protocol for handling things like that was and what the next best steps should be.

Luckily, after several severe months, Italy began to recover. Life was slowly going back to normal, considering that the pandemic world has new definitions of normal at hand. Overall, life was more or less similar to the past. Restaurants were open. Tourists were able to come to the country again. Even football matches were back on schedule. Though, football fans still need to learn more about the new rules and norms of visiting a football match. This guide should cover the basics about attending football matches in the post-pandemic world, from buying tickets to visiting the stadiums. So if you are tourists planning on seeing spectacular Italian football games or a local who needs to learn the current pandemic rules, you are in the right place.

Football in Italy

Let’s start with the obvious fact. Soccer is the most popular sport in Italy. In fact, very, very few countries around the globe can compete with Italy on this front. Football and everything about it have a special place in the hearts of Italians. You can even order paper online to research the decades-long connection between the Italians and football. The roots are right in the center of their culture. So, whether you are a football fan or not, you should not miss an opportunity to see a match in this country. Usually, matches in Italy will be held throughout the entire year, except in summertime.

So, there would always be a match or even two during the weekends at any other month. Sometimes they hold matches even during the week. However, we can’t be sure of much about the current pandemic. In the mid-spring and summer, Soccer clubs could continue with the season. However, no stadium could host any visitors during matches. Of course, such a decision was devastating both for the fans and clubs. Though, it is obvious why such a step was necessary. Football matches would inevitably draw large crowds of people in, which would be a serious breach of health safety.

The new football season in Italy started in August. Although, at first, stadiums had to remain empty during the matches. However, as Italy was making progress fighting the Coronavirus, Italian authorities allowed group gatherings of up to 1,000 people in a stadium. This rule is still standing. Most stadiums were open to a small number of people throughout half of the season. Though, this allowance depended on the health situation in the region and the country. Some cities were still hesitant to reopen their stadiums when they were reaching orange or red zones.

Currently, those fans who wanted to purchase tickets for the Serie A matches could easily do it. It is always best to buy Soccer tickets on the official stadium site or club sites in Italy. However, most of these sites do not do well with English. You can also choose internationally recognized ticket sale sites to buy your entrance to the match there. Be aware that some stadiums require an ID to pass the gates.

If you are going to the matches of popular clubs, semi-finals, or finals, be sure to buy your tickets way ahead of time. As we have said, Italians love football, and your chances to buy tickets for important matches on the matchday are close to zero.

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Final Tips

Be sure to learn some information on the team before you go to the match. Knowing some basic information will help you understand the match better. Also, you won’t look like a complete stranger to the people around you. Google some of the chants local fans would shout. Being a part of a larger fan base can be an existing experience, even if there are only a thousand of you in a stadium.

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