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A Brief Guide to Buying Men’s Trainers    

A Brief Guide to Buying Men’s Trainers    

Men’s Trainers: There used to be a time not quite long ago when men used to buy trainers for actual training purposes. Things are quite different today. The comfort of trainers has compelled buyers to try them for versatile uses. After all, they make your feet feel relaxed, comfortable, and flexible. Moreover, they can be thrown into the scene regardless of whatever attire one chooses to wear.

However, men’s trainers aren’t only about comfort. Over the last decade, these shoes have evolved a lot. They are no longer the epitome of funky gym accessories. New breeds of trainer shoes have significantly started embracing a semi-formal look. Some of them even do not have connections with their roots, i.e., looking athletic.

Although this transition has proved to be beneficial, yet has brought confusion to some buyers. If you are plan to buy a pair of these, this article might help.

1. Minimalistic Trainers

What are they: These are the simplest and cleanest-looking shoes that go with whatever you wear. These look subtle, do not make a big fuss with the design language, and have very subtle branding. The company’s logos have a casual and laid-back look instead of a popping one.

Styling Guide: Look for color consistency. It means if the shoe is black in color, go with the same hues on the laces and soles. Pairing these with jeans is the first choice. One can even dress them in chinos or formal suits. Avoid having that overdressed look.

2. Canvas Trainers

What are they: These are a staple for the summer months as the upper side is made from breathable fabric. They give a sober and casual look.

Styling Guide: These were typically basketball shoes, so wearing them is really comfortable. Look for chunky soles, preferably the ones that come in shades of white. If you are afraid of messing up whiteness, go for a darker canvas. One can have the best look by pairing them with jeans, chinos, or jumpers.

3. Sports/Athletic Trainers

What are they: Like the name suggests, these were originally staples of athletic personalities. However, as these shoes started to evolve, they also became a decent option to wear off the pitch. So, those looking for an authentic pair of shoes that look stylish and have a story should prefer these.

Styling Guide: These are elegant products that have a touch of history linked to them. Therefore, one thing is clear, i.e., these products will definitely make a statement. So, try to keep the styling cool, refined, and tidy. The best combinations to try are with jeans, sweatshirts, denim jackets, and so on.

4. Fashion Trainers

What are they: Loud and attention-grabbing shoes that give a bold, funky and costly vibe. They lean more towards the casual side with lots of colors, logos, details, and so on.

Styling Guide: These are all about aesthetics. Therefore, the best combination is to go with anything that resonates with your personality. The best style is to embrace a dressed-down look, i.e., with jeans, tees, or hoodies.

Final Thoughts

Taking a look at men’s trainers and the brands over the last few years, one can evidently see a vast difference in the design language. The way these have come out of the shadow of being gym shoes to being versatile is interesting. However, this transition didn’t decrease its effectiveness though.

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A Brief Guide to Buying Men’s Trainers    

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