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7 Proven Science Reasons Beer May Be Good For You

7 Proven Science Reasons Beer May Be Good For You

Many people believe that drinking Beer is not good for health, although even today many people deny this fact and believe that there are some benefits of drinking Beer too, according to them a person who drinks beer will stay healthy for long. Brewing brands like Melvin Brewing, produces one of the finest quality of drinks which are considered good for healthy consumption. So today through this article we will discuss the benefit which we get while drinking a Beer.

A Beer will minimize the chances of diabetes

If you love to drink beer and is worried as to whether you can drink a beer or not then there is good news for you, according to a recent study it is believed that people who drink beer 3-4 times a week will mostly not affected by diabetic problem as compared to the people who are a non-drinker as the intake of beer will decrease the chances of diabetes.

A good intake of beer will protect our brain from several brain-related diseases

Beer contains silicon which helps to protect us from serious brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia. Along with this, it is also believed that those people who drink will less likely to develop cholesterol problems as a good intake of beer will increase the blood flows in the body.

An average intake of beer will keep our bones strong

The research found that an average intake of beer will helps to develop strong bones. It is because the beer contains silicon which provides important minerals to make the bones strong. Therefore, if your bones are weak then drinking a beer on an average basis is a good idea for you.

Beer can keep your heart healthy

It has been believed that the regular intake of beer can cause serious heart issues. However, according to some experts an average intake of beer will improve our cholesterol level which helps to keep our heart healthy and as a result will decrease the chances of getting a heart attack.

Beer contains the same nutrients as we found in food

According to experts, it is believed that beer contains similar nutrients as we found in food, some of those nutrients are good for our health. However, we should also take care of how many calories we intake through beer as more intake of beer can contribute to increasing our weight, that’s why don’t drink regularly, instead of it drink on an average basis.

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A beer protects our body from inflammatory compounds

A Beer contains hops that protect our body from inflammation which are responsible for several kinds of major health diseases. A hop in the beer helps to fight several kinds of compounds that cause inflammation and, also stop them from growing.

A beer will helps you to stay alive for long

Research of psychologists found that a moderate intake of beer will helps you to stay alive for a longer period. A person who drinks on an average basis can protect themselves from the risk of major health issues and can keep themselves fit and healthy.


However, through this article we’re not encouraging you to drink beer as along with the advantages there are also some serious disadvantages of drinking beer if we drink on regular basis so also be careful while drinking and don’t drink regularly.

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