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6 Tips to Keeping Your Hair Strong and Healthy
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6 Tips to Keeping Your Hair Strong and Healthy

Looking good is a quality way to give a positive first impression to another person. Looking good will require you to ensure your hair looks healthy as well as strong. Not only will a bad hair day pass the wrong impression about your character and personality, but you will also feel not confident while you are out in public. Damages like thinning, dry, frizzy, broken, or dull could affect your hair. These damages affect your hair strands, making it a challenge for you to maintain lush hair. Apart from applying hair moisturizer, there are several maintaining your hair healthy. The following article explains six of them.

Brushing Before Showering

Hair can easily break when it is wet. As such, it is imperative to detangle them before taking a shower. It does not matter the texture of your hair, it is recommendable to take sixty seconds brushing hair. Also, brushing hair ensures the oils produced from your scalp are evenly distributed to the hair ends.

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Hair Conditioning

Experts advise people to condition their hair appropriately. For any texture when it comes to hair, the correct application of conditioner is a drop the size of a nickel. During the application, begin with the ends of your hair going to the mid-shaft. After that, make your way towards the scalp. Leave the conditioner for about a minute, then wash it off.

Hair Masks

Hair strands need to remain moisturized and smooth to maintain a healthy look. A suitable way to keep your hair constantly moisturized is by applying hair masks for a minimum of one day a week. When purchasing hair masks, check out the ingredients of the product you are buying. Ensure you choose products with strengthening ingredients.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Protein is the principal constituent that builds hair. Therefore, eating a balanced diet food with rich proteins is healthy for hair. Sources rich in proteins are eggs, fish, beans, and meat. In addition, incorporate vitamins into your diet since they are necessary for the hair’s health, especially Vitamin E and Vitamin C. The vitamins help in boosting the production of collagen, which makes hair strands strong.

Appropriate Use of Shampoo

It is imperative to keep your hair clean using shampoos. However, you need to use the right amount. Shampoos have ingredients that are known to remove the natural oils of the hair. Shampoos are made to eliminate extra oils as well as dirt. Unless you have primarily extra oily hair in most cases, the recommended use of shampoos is twice or thrice a week. Too much use of shampoos will weaken your hair shaft since your hair will be too dry.

Scalp Massage

Proper circulation of blood is vital for healthy hair. Therefore, you can take the step to constantly massage your scalp to revive quality blood circulation on your head. Experts suggest that massaging the scalp for four minutes daily improves blood flow to the hair follicles, keeping hair thick and strong. The procedure for the massage is using your fingertips to put pressure on your scalp and move your fingertips circularly. There are also scalp massagers in different stores that you can purchase.

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