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6 Cannabis Benefits You Probably Never Knew About (Until Now)

6 Cannabis Benefits You Probably Never Knew About (Until Now)

As you stamp your name on a Vaporizer for concentrate products, take a look at these 6 cannabis benefits you probably never knew about. Until Now. This green herb of “happiness” has more to it than giving you a few sprinkles of a high.

6 Benefits Of Vaping Cannabis

1. Arthritis Relief

Arthritis is medically defined as tenderness accompanied by swelling in one’s joints. This usually escalates to joint-stiffness and intense pain. What’s more, though arthritis is typically a condition that ails the elderly, it is known to affect the young as well.

Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that make it what many say an organic alternative to generic synthetic analgesics.

2. Better For Your Lungs Than Smoking

Smoking, rather, “smoke” has the capacity to impair your respiratory system’s breathing passageways. They can damage your alveoli, also known as the small air sacs in the same bodily system.

When left untreated, and when one continues to smoke habitually, these factors lead to lung diseases. Or worse, lung cancer.

Vaping weed is NOT smoking weed. The first doesn’t involve the mechanisms of “smoking” and thus, doesn’t emit smoke. It produces “vapour”. And in essence, “vapour” is definitely less harmful than weed “smoke”.

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3. Diabetes Regulation

There are continuing researchers regarding the correlation between cannabis and how it may regulate a certain type of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes. Experts have spoken of the capacity of marijuana in decreasing insulin resistance. Indirectly, it helps stabilize insulin movement when the body fails to convert glucose into energy.

4. Glaucoma Treatment

Patients who incur IOP or Intraocular Pressure are at risk of being ailed with glaucoma. The eye’s optic nerve becomes impaired due to said pressure caused by fluid build-up. Glaucoma may lead to blurry vision to loss of sight, if not treated early on.

Recently, researches have shown that marijuana’s anti-inflammatory properties may utilise to target IOP. Accordingly, lowering IOP.

Glaucoma needs to support by treatments that run for 24-hours a day. This may currently be inconceivable for the use of marijuana for that duration. That said, researches are continuously being done to come up with a cannabis-based medication for IOP.

5. Alzheimer’s Diseases

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive degradation of the brain that slows cognition and motor skills until they are completely unable to function as they should. A part of this debilitating condition links to neuroinflammation or “brain inflammation”.

Through the monitored treatment of cannabis, there have been significant outcomes showing that early detection of Alzheimer’s coupled with early treatment through medications and medical marijuana, the said disease was slowed.

Those are encouraging news for people where marijuana is legalized for medical use, like in Missouri. The family of patients who have this condition can seek help from medical marijuana doctors in Missouri and obtain a medical marijuana card to help their loved ones get this treatment.

6. Multiple Sclerosis

Patients with symptoms of multiple sclerosis will see mainly targets the central nervous system. But it is wide-reaching, in that vision, motion, sensory elements, and the like suffer because of it. Moreover, it’s frequently accompanied by intense pain in said areas of the body.

The cannabinoids and tetrahydrocannabinol compounds in marijuana have synergistic  elements which target the CNS’s receptors for pain, to alleviate patients of the latter. Aside from reducing pain with MS’s muscle constricting symptoms, it has found to lower the frequency of said muscle contractions.

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