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6 Benefits of Health Insurance

6 Benefits of Health Insurance

Health insurance is very necessary for everyone as it provides you the help of expensive medical care. As health insurance is just an agreement between the insurance companies and the client for providing them reimbursement of medical expenses. In today’s busy and running world there are plenty of chances of accidents that can move towards hospitalization. The expenses of hospitals are quite high and are not easy to arrange such funds at a time. Health insurance helps you to cover these expenses and covers accidental insurance, travel health insurance, insurance against critical illness. It has many the benefits like consultation fees, doctor visits, medical tests, etc. Some other benefits of Health Insurance are as follows-

  1. Medical Expenses – Medical expenses are one of the most important benefits of health insurance policies. As it covers you from the medical expenses of the hospital whenever required. It is very necessary to have a health insurance cover to safeguard your health and to get compensation for the hospitalization charges. Health insurance also provides pre or post-hospitalization charges, accidental cover, any kind of critical illness, room rent, or ICU rent. These benefits are helpful for everyone to save them from a huge expense.
  2. Financial security- Covering Medical expenses, health insurance also provides a major benefit of financial security. This helps you to remain stress-free without any tension of keeping emergency funds for medical expenses. Health insurance provides you a cover against the medical expenses, so you don’t need to arrange funds when you are admitted to the hospital. This helps you to feel financially secure without any stress and this also helps you to stay fit. Financial security is also a major benefit of having health insurance.
  3. Cashless treatment – As we all know that health insurance companies are having tie-ups with hospitals in mostly all the cities. These hospitals offer you a cashless treatment; you don’t have to pay anything for your medical treatment. As you are insured with the health insurance company, so hospitals will get the medical expenses reimbursed from the Insurance Company. But you should take care that the claim will be only provided if the terms and conditions are fulfilled as per the policy. Cashless treatment also plays a vital role in the benefit of health insurance.
  4. Benefit of Renewability – Renewability benefit allows the insurer to renew the policy whenever he/she wants. As these are restrictions on the age limit, this is very helpful for policyholders. As sometimes there is some financial burden which is stopping you from spending. So, this helps renewability benefit helps you to give satisfaction about the convenience on renewability option. This option is very beneficial for senior citizens or elders and this attracts them towards the insurance policy.
  5. Maintain Good Health with regular health check-ups- Health problems are commonly caused and are unannounced. Everyone is facing some minor or major health issues. One can prevent some health problems from being major by regular health check-ups. Regular checkups are very necessary for your longer and healthier life. As health insurance is also providing the benefit of free health checkups once a year. One should take this advantage and have their health check-ups for a better quality of living. Health check-ups are a wonderful benefit for having a Health Insurance Policy.
  6. Increased sum insured as no claim bonus – No claim bonus is also a benefit of Health Insurance as there are many cases where a claim is not needed during the period. If there is no claim in a period then the insurance company will give you a benefit of the increased sum insured with the same premium. This provides the policyholder a benefit of a better sum insured next year at the same price. This no claim bonus ranges between 10-20% depends upon company to company. This is also a great benefit for choosing a health insurance company.

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To conclude – The above-discussed article highlights some of the benefits of Health Insurance. Covering medical expenses and having cashless treatment is a major benefit of having health insurance. In addition with this financial security and the benefit of renewability without any age restrictions also plays a major role in choosing Health Insurance. For choosing a Health Insurance one can choose Care Health Insurance as they are offering their service with excellence in customer service. They are offering it while following product innovation and value for money services. Health insurance is also providing you with some other benefits like maternity benefits, newborn care cover, infertility treatment, etc. Plus, health insurance is providing annual check-ups for your better health and longer life. If one is not getting any claim within their policy period then he/she is also getting a benefit of no claim bonus. This helps you to get an increased sum insured with the same premium to be paid next year.

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