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5 eCommerce Email Marketing Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rates
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5 eCommerce Email Marketing Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Emails are the best way for e-commerce shops to interact & engage with their audiences. You have the special opportunity of attracting new customers & revive your previous ones with help of eCommerce email marketing campaigns and make higher sales.

But, the question comes: are you taking the right benefit of e-commerce email marketing ideas? In this post, we will dive into various methods that you may use to increase your email marketing productivity, and increase conversion rates.

How much important is email marketing for your eCommerce stores?

There was a time when email was not very responsive, but come back and evolved. Thus, what is the truth about this state of email marketing for eCommerce? Some years before, it was declared that the email accounts for over 7% of all the eCommerce user acquisitions, and making it a second-highly effective acquisition channel. They found the customer lifetime value of the email users is an impressive 12% above average. 33% of consumers report that email is one of the biggest influences on online spending. There isn’t any denying that email marketing plays a very important role to generate eCommerce revenue.

1. Create a proper subject line 

Do you know around 35% of the people open their email completely based on its subject line? This means you have to create the subject line that comes up. Personalization is a key, hence try to include the name of a recipient in your subject line. Make sure you keep the subject line very short to get mobile-optimized: just 4 to 6 words will fit in a subject line on an average mobile screen. Hence, with the limited space, you will have to select the words very carefully. Ensure you use the words that pop, or A/B test the subject lines and see what works right for your customers.

2. Make the checkout form simple.

Ensure everything on the checkout form is understood, like CVV & input formats. Actually, if possible, I will have certain fields limit what will be typed in some fields to make this simple for the users. Thus, when the user types their credit card number or does format this for them when they go to make this simple to read & though to mess up. And in the date, do not let your user type, however, have the date picker and dropdown.

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3. Hit them with great CTAs

Like CTAs on the website, CTAs in the emails should grab the attention of your reader as well as convince them to go ahead and click. At times, a simple change in the language will help you out. For instance, you will add a sense of urgency just by using the word ‘now’ in the CTA like buy now, shop now). Also, ensure that your CTAs do not blend in with your email background. You need to make them visible, however without overpowering your remaining content. Try Simplify your e-commerce journey with Shopify apps subscriptions app.

4. Have a great return policy.

Most of the customers may go through the product return policy before they go ahead to buy. Never over-promise, but make it as easy and painless as possible for the customers to return their products (in reason). This might not appear like conversion optimization, however is an example of the basic business practice.

5. Be informative 

It is yet another overarching tip, which you need to apply to the overall operations over the board: In case you want the customers to feel highly comfortable doing their business with you, so you have to let them “know” in several regards. As we said, strong product descriptions are very important. As your potential customers cannot physically handle the products before buying them, you must use the product descriptions for bringing them to life.

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To make your eCommerce store appear professional & trustworthy, whereas increasing the traffic qualification are the first steps to increase the purchases. Begin implementing these tips to improve your conversion rate for your eCommerce store. You must continue with the advanced strategies for increasing online sales. Suppose your store is not growing the email list or nurturing the leads, you are missing out on several opportunities and that can have a great impact on your business.

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