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Nancy Etz Shares 3 Main Problems Faced by Women in the Educational Institutions

Nancy Etz Shares 3 Main Problems Faced by Women in the Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions: Although from the past few years more female students have been enrolled in the colleges in our country and many of them have also become a topper of that colleges still also several organization has been regularly working to provide good education to the females. However, there are some colleges and families where the women are treated badly and will not get enough educational opportunities that is why today in this article let’s see what Nancy Etz shares about the 3 main challenges faced by the women during their higher studies in educational institutions.

Gender Stereotypes.

One of the biggest challenges women have to face during their studies is gender stereotypes, it is one of the serious issues that most girls have been suffered from. Whether they are in their house or college they are always being taunted by someone about their gender, it will lower their Confidence and as a result, they can’t concentrate on their studies which leads to lower academic performance. Therefore, if you want to change the gender stereotypes then you must first need to change the thinking of the people towards women and motivates the girls to do higher studies or be independent in their life.

Lack of knowledge regarding the importance of girl education.

Even today, whenever a girl is born there are many houses where the parents of a girl are more afraid of their marriage than being happy, the girl is considered as a burden. Therefore, there is not much attention given to their studies, even if a girl shows some courage and enrols in college Or school, she still faces a lot of difficulties in getting the means that are useful in her studies, such as books, Means of commuting, even today, there are many areas where there are no colleges or schools, so girls have to travel a long distance to reach out to their schools or colleges because their parents do not give them money to board the bus.

Due to these reasons, the girls started avoiding studies that is wrong, in such a situation, many organizations and NGOs who are working for the rights of girls should come forward and arrange the necessary resources for their studies and should also explain to their parents and the surroundings People that there is no difference between a girl and a boy and the education is equally important for both girls and boys. It is also the duty of us to spread awareness around us to eradicate discrimination between boys and girls. This is one of the best ways that can help to encourage the education of girls.

Poverty also plays an important role.

Apart from this, poverty is also a growing issue that deprives girls from study. However, the government has introduced many schemes for the education of girls, but still, there are many places where the schemes has not been reached yet, and therefore still girls are deprived of their studies. This is the reason that these girls get married ahead of time, this is a growing problem that needs to be solved, in this way, and the governments should make these schemes available in every corner of the country so that not a single girl will be deprived of studies.


These are some of the major problems that are faced by women’s during their studies, however, to overcome these problems we need to unite together and fight for the women’s education rights. Hope you enjoy this article for getting updates for more such types of topics, stay connected with us.

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