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The 3 Important Steps In An Uncontested Divorce
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The 3 Important Steps In An Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce can get you over the judicial system fast, with very few complications & minimal financial burden. Besides, there will not be any ugly mess that generally is involved in a contested divorce & both the parties can separate with ease & simplicity. It is known to be the perfect type of divorce.

What is Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorce Birmingham al, both partners should agree on their divorce-related matters. Each state has got specific needs for an uncontested divorce. For instance, you will have to meet your state’s residency needs & waiting time before you may ask your judge to finalize the divorce. You also require the signed & final divorce settlement deal that addresses various issues in your divorce case. In many states, the partner should present the signed settlement agreement that will outline the following things:

  • Allocation of the child custody & parenting time
  • Division of the marital property & debt
  • Alimony (called spousal support)
  • Child support
  • Other divorce-related matters that are relevant to a couple.
  • Whether a spouse wants to restore the maiden name

There’re many benefits of the uncontested divorce since they will save their money and time with their proceeding, however, there are some important steps that should take to achieve the uncontested divorce.

1. Taking A Perfect Approach

Your first step in uncontested divorce dealing is taking the right approach. Both the parties should be willing to set their differences & be as objective and reasonable as possible in helping their process to go smoothly. It is a difficult step that you need to accomplish as strong emotions & distrust will make it tough for divorcing couples for getting through their proceeding efficiently and objectively. Both parties need to stay open with one another and share some necessary information required to complete an uncontested divorce.

2. Create parenting plan

Suppose you have kids, you have to make a decision who they are going to stay with & how much time that they are going to spend. Sometimes it badly influences your kids’ studies and other things in your kid’s life. So plan it properly. Certain states encourage both parents to involve in their kid’s lives. Make sure you read your state’s laws about custody & visitation that you will find on the internet.

3. Uncontested divorce needs less time

In the fast-paced world, there’re many reasons for selecting the uncontested divorce. This process is faster than the contested divorce as there’s not any need to come to court. Even though divorces do need a minimum of six months to get finalized, avoiding court can save a huge amount of money, time, and heartache. The pre-trial procedure, appearances in the court, the trial itself, and significant delays inherent in a court system, irrespective of the jurisdiction, add time & impediments to receiving the final judgment on the marriage.

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Final Words

Your final step in achieving the uncontested divorce is hiring the best divorce lawyers. The divorce lawyer on both sides must work together with all along with divorcing couple to make sure that the uncontested divorce will be achieved.

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