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WorldWideTorrents List for You to Use in 2020

WorldWideTorrents List for You to Use in 2020

Chilling out with family or friends for a weekend is a fun thing to do. But when they watch their favourite movie with them, a cherry is added. Surely, in that case, you’d like to WorldWideTorrents to download the film of the night. However, a broken torrent link or an insecure link can spoil all the fun of the weekend.

But you don’t have to worry. Here in this article, you will study a list of torrents around the world that are safe to use and are sure to make you fall in love. Let’s start then.

Top WorldWideTorrents

Downloading a movie from an unreliable website is a bit risky, indeed. To put an end to this risk, I have selected some of the best and most secure torrent sites in the world.

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The Pirate Bay

This site secures the top position in my selection of torrent sites around the world that will give you a faster download using the most secure protocols. Besides, it is one of the most famous stream chases in the world.

The simple and easy-to-use interface is one of the reasons this particular website hosts a huge crowd. Apart from magnetic links, the site has many torrents for different categories. From music to movies to TV series and games, this website has a wide variety of fun things to do to make your movie night amazing and exciting.


If you’re the one keeping an eye on all new content, this website is for you. This site offers a wide variety of torrents, old and new, and is an active hub for night owls and movie lovers.

One of the coolest features is that it displays a list of the top ten new content. Be it movies, songs, series or any other category. This website offers its visitors high-quality torrents since 2008. However, if you are from Denmark, the UK, Portugal or Bulgaria, you may not be able to visit this website because this website is blocked in those countries.


13377x will help you find the best torrent options. Nobody can deny the fact that this site has a wide variety of movies or music.

Other than that, the advanced search capabilities are unique so that you can search for movies, game shows, or series with different options. For example, you can search for Oscar nominations or even new series episodes.

Thanks to the improved user interface, you can now easily search for your favorite movies or torrents on this website. You can also safely search for more content on this website without facing any security threats or risks.

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Are you a die-hard anime fan? Do you also love to watch your favorite anime smoothly? Then you have to take a look at one of the many world torlocks.

From anime to e-books to the music library, this website has a variety of incredible content that can double your fun and excitement. It also includes a top 100 torrents list so you can keep enjoying any high-quality show, motion, anime, or e-book.

Also, a clean and efficient user interface is one of the reasons you enjoy using this website. With over four million WorldWideTorrents, the site is sure to be a haven for all anime and e-book lovers.


Finally, there is something on the list that strictly reserved for music lovers. Torrentz2 is my first choice to listen, download and enjoy your favorite music. The flat and straightforward yet fresh user interface offers room for visitors and music lovers.

Although the site is nearly a decade old, you will see over 20 planters with some good quality magnet links.

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YTS is the selection of all those people who enjoy watching classic and old films that are nowhere else to found quickly. You can easily browse your favorite content on this website. Also, if you have limited bandwidth, you’d like to use the site.

Also, the website offers exclusive movie torrents. Hence, it is the ideal option for all movie lovers.


Finding the right place to find and download your favorite movie is not an easy task. Often, people end up on various unsafe websites, breaking torrent links in the process. Therefore it is time and energy-intensive.

To put a finish or end to your worries, I have created the WorldWideTorrents List for You to Use in 2020. You can find, download, and watch your favorite movies, games, and series using these fantastic websites without endangering your computer.

Review WorldWideTorrents List for You to Use in 2020.

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