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What Casino Games Has the Highest Probability of Winning?

What Casino Games Has the Highest Probability of Winning?

We present to you casino games with the highest probability of winning. Click and learn how to win more money while gambling online.

If you wish to win more when gambling online (and who doesn’t), we’ll show you casino games with the highest probability of winning. Ever since the first casino premiered, gamblers have been looking for ways to gain an advantage over the house. However, we have to admit this is nearly impossible for multiple reasons.

Does it mean that players from all over the globe have raised white flags? Of course not. Some players rely on incentives such as a casino cashback bonus. In all fairness, casino promotions have proven to be highly effective for many. However, the thing about cashback bonuses in online casinos is that they represent a great short-term strategy.

Eventually, you’ll spend all of your bonuses, and then what? So, the best strategy would be to combine online casino incentives with games that are potentially the most profitable. Truth be told, you won’t win a life-changing jackpot. However, by following this simple yet effective strategy, you can expect to keep your winning streaks going.

Read on as we present you with the games that offer the highest cash-winning probabilities.


This casino game is known to offer the best chances of winning. Compared to slot machines, blackjack isn’t the most rewarding game you’ll find in a casino. If you’re wise enough to use casino bonuses, you can withdraw a decent amount of money by playing blackjack. Still, it’s far away from the $24 million jackpot by Mega Moolah.

Blackjack is one of the casino games with the highest probability of winning in terms of odds. However, this won’t bring you insane jackpots. Instead, you can rely on a larger portion of smaller wins. Simultaneously, you’re risking less money at the blackjack table, which is not the casino with other games, like progressive slots, for example.

The house edge in 21 is 1% only in most casinos. What’s more, you can further lower this advantage by an additional 0.5% if you’re skilled enough. Compared to other gambling features, blackjack is more of a strategic game type. Luck is a factor but not as decisive as in progressive slots. You can find many charts and strategies online that can help you build up your level of play. Simultaneously, you’ll significantly boost your chances of winning more money at blackjack tables.


The game comes with straightforward gameplay. For this reason, it is the usual pick for many gambling newcomers. Roulette features a system optimized to make your experience easy and smooth. In its essence, the game is effortless to play. However, that doesn’t mean that money grows on the roulette wheel.

It is vital to understand the roulette odds if you intend to make the most of your bankroll. Also, remember that roulette has several variants, and each type comes with different odds. When it comes to roulette games, the European version provides you with the highest probability of winning.

Bet Types in Roulette

When looking to win more money in the long term, the key is to play it safe. In other words, sticking to outside bets gives you the highest chance of withdrawing more money down the road. Thus, betting on red or black will grant you a 1:1 potential payout. At the same time, the odds of winning such a bet are 48.65%.

The same goes for high or low and odd or even bets. On the other hand, if you bet a column or dozen, you can expect a 2:1 payout. However, the odds are different in this scenario, too, leaving you with a decent but slightly lower winning probability of 32.4%. In comparison, street bets have an 11:1 potential payout, which is tempting for many. But, you should take into account that an 8.1% chance of winning isn’t the most player-friendly.


If you use the right strategy, craps can give you a reasonable chance of winning more cash in a casino. You have two types of bets in this game: pass line and don’t pass line. In other words, you’re betting if the roller will win or lose. Naturally, as in all other gambling features, one gives you better odds, while the other is more rewarding.

In a nutshell, your odds in craps are just under 50%. However, the don’t pass line offers you the highest probability of winning, i.e., 1.36% house edge. Statistically speaking, if you wager on this type of bet, you can expect to win 507 times and lose 493 games. For example, if you bet €20 each time, you can potentially win 507 * 20 – 493 * 20 = €280.


Let’s not forget about the most popular casino game in its history. After all, this is one of the gambling features that made casino venues famous in the first place. There are different methods to calculate player odds. The probabilities differ between the number of players and the game stage. Thus, your odds won’t be the same pre-flop and post-flop.

Hence, your winning probabilities can go anywhere between 4%, 8%, and 16.50%. But, leaving the math aside, your chances of winning massive amounts grow with your skills. In other words, you can memorize charts and learn many strategies to improve your skillset. As a result, you can expect to land more serious wins with a little bit of hard work and perseverance.

Aiming For the Long Haul

The potential of winning insane rewards is a part of the casino charm. However, the race for the big wins is risky and costly, more often than not. If you wish to win more money down the line, you should focus on:

  • Games with the highest probability of winning
  • Selecting the best casino
  • Choosing the right bonus

If you combine all of the factors mentioned above, success is almost guaranteed. Games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and poker are casino classics. People love these games, and for a good reason. In all fairness, they won’t make you rich in a blink of an eye. However, by sticking to these games, you can significantly grow your bankroll in the long run.

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