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An Overview of Love Tarot Cards

An Overview of Love Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards: Are you troubled by feelings of love? Do you want to know if you have a future with the person you love? If so, you can take the help of love tarot cards. Tarots can be a gateway to divine insights. You can use these cards to understand important things about your love life, get answers to questions that bother you, and make life-changing decisions accordingly. Whether you want to know more about your marriage or soul mate, or find out more about a recent crush, the tarot cards can be a big help.

  • The Lovers: This tarot card will alert you to focus on the love situations but the main focus is on decision making. The Lovers card will help you find more happiness with someone else by discovering more comfort in your own self. Get a love tarot reading for free from genuine online sites to gain an insight into your future love life.
  • The Empress symbolizes mother earth and unconditional love. It also stands for pleasure and sensuality. This tarot card is associated with harvest and nature and indicates fertility, pregnancy, and child birth.
  • The Hierophant appears to be a not-so steamy card in the tarot card for lover’s list since it has strong connections with organized religion and traditions; but, it may indicate marriage too. This tarot card depicts love as a profound commitment between two people.
  • The Devil is a love tarot card which signifies sensual and deep primal energies. This card dominates sexuality and pleasure and it may indicate a type of attraction bordering on obsession. The card can add more desire and passion to a relationship that is growing.
  • The Sun traditionally signifies success, happiness and harmony between the unconscious and conscious. This is true of love as well and it can signify happiness in love. It could also indicate prosperity and marriage.

Ace of Cups

  • Ace of Cups infuses fresh energy into your emotions signifying the arrival of a new love. This could be a revival of a bond that already exists between you and your lover or a new love from a new individual. It represents the love tarot for potential love. This means it will need other cards that can convert this attraction into action.
  • Two of Cups comes second to The Lovers card and is also an incredibly powerful tarot. This signifies a robust chemistry between two people and over time this can mature into a very strong relationship.
  • Six of Cups signifies a reconciliation that can work out when you are reminiscing about an ex. This tarot card stands for nostalgia and you can find a lot of comfort when recalling the past. You should however not remain stuck to it.
  • Ten of Cups is a lucky love tarot card that signifies lasting happiness and emotional satisfaction. It shows a solid foundation for any relationship and may hint at a successful marriage, love relationship, or even child birth.
  • Ten of Pentacles is similar to the ten of Cups and related to family ties. It signifies that a relationship is stable and you can take the next logical step as in marrying the other person, living together, or making a family.
  • Four Of Wands signifies celebrations and indicates a safe home environment; the card may reflect on possible weddings, engagements, or any event that strengthens an existing relationship.
  • Knight of Cups appears in readings when you are romancing someone special.
  • The Emperor shows a sturdy personality and may indicate a long-term partner.

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