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Is there a Legit Way of Showing Whether a Slot Machine Will Pay?
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Is there a Legit Way of Showing Whether a Slot Machine Will Pay?

Slot Machine Will Pay: Even the most modern slot machines are straightforward. It is not tricky to theoretically calculate the probability of winning. The only difficulty: for such calculations, you need to know the number of game symbols on each reel, and on modern slots, their number can be huge

The gaming software developers are in no hurry to reveal secrets that will allow them to calculate the chances of winning.

What is the Probability of Winning?

You can theoretically calculate the probability of winning, but it is absolutely impossible to determine the combination of numbers that will appear next time on the slot machine in practice. So instead, the result of each spin is determined by the built-in random number generator or RNG. To find out how to increase the likelihood of winning at a casino, check out the method listed below.

Odds Calculation Method

Modern slots, presented in all online casinos, in their essence are no different from the legendary “one-armed bandits” of the past. They also contain a certain number of reels, each containing a certain number of game symbols. These two exponents will be your chance of winning.

For instance, if the slot machine has three reels, 20 symbols each, then the total number of combinations will be 20 to the 3rd power, 8000 combinations. For 3 reels of 25 symbols, the number of combinations is already 15625. If the slot machine has four reels with 22 symbols each, the number of combinations increases to 234256.

So, we have calculated the number of combinations; now, it remains to determine the probability of getting a specific sequence. For example, the odds that a 777 will land on a classic machine with three reels of 20 symbols if there is only one seven on each of the reels will be 1 in 8 thousand. However, if at least one of the three reels has two sevens, the chance doubles equal 1 in 4000.

How to Start Winning Big?

As already mentioned, finding out the exact number of symbols in modern slots is a painful task for an ordinary player. The secret of big wins is not at all mathematical calculation. To increase your chances of winning, first of all, you need to choose the right slot. As you can see from the calculation example, the fewer reels in the slot machine, the fewer the possible combinations you can get, and the higher the likelihood that your combination will be a jackpot. Now you know how to win at slot machines.


The takeaway from all this is to choose the most spartan slots with the fewest reels and paylines. They might not seem that attractive in terms of the looks, but they will indeed trigger some considerable payouts.

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