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How To Play Craps At A Casino Online
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How To Play Craps At A Casino Online

Casino Online: Many people don’t want to enter any particular land-based casino to play again due to the advent of technology and mobile phones. So, you have nothing to worry about as your favorite craps game can be played online at

Craps is one of the complex table games; that is why you need to read this article. As a player, you are in charge of your actions while playing this game.  To keep the game going, four dealers are needed. You can also refer to online craps as internet dice shooting.  This article will take you through how to play crap at an online casino perfectly.

Important Terminologies To Note When Playing Craps Online

Before venturing into playing the game, here are some key terminologies you need to note:

  1. Shooter: This is the player who throws the dice
  2. The come-out roll: This is the first roll of the dice after the previous betting round has finished.
  3. Natural: With natural, things are favorable, meaning that the result of your roll is a 7 or an 11. When this happens, you have the opportunity to roll the dice again
  4. Craps: This is not a term that most players want to hear because it’s when you roll a 2,  3, 12, or and lose, but it is not over yet as you can roll and play the round again.

Tips For Playing Craps Online

  •       You go for a pass line bet. This is the best betting option because the house edge here is 1.41%
  •         Play come bet when your point is established.
  •         Stay away from 7 because its house edge is a very high home margin of 16.67%.
  •         Don’t play big 6 or big 8. It has a house edge of 9.09%, and this is not favorable. Though it has been removed from many craps tables, if you come across it, avoid it.
  •         You can also go for don’t pass and don’t come bets; they are good for you due to its low house edge of 1.40%
  •         Take advantage of odd bets because they do not come with a house edge at all.

Strategies To Play And Win Craps At A Casino Online

One thing craps players should note this that they should always find a way to lower their house edge because this will increase their chance of winning. The following strategies will also increase your chances of winning craps

The house edge on 6 and 8 is 1.52%, so you can take the opportunity to bet on those numbers. Another strategy is that as a beginner with a low bankroll, focus on making simple bets with low house edges. Lastly, players should place their minimum bet on their pass bet and increasing their odds wagers. The house edge on odd bets is normal statistically, and this will not enable the casino to take a bigger cut of your winnings.

Free spins do not help in craps; instead, players should go for no deposit bonus or welcome bonuses. These bonuses give players free credits that help them win real money when playing craps online. All you have to do is check out the terms and conditions for any bonus before signing up.

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