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Every Successful Web Design Project Requires 5 Roles

Every Successful Web Design Project Requires 5 Roles

Web Design Project Requires 5 Roles: The web application development process can be handled single-handedly keeping the development costs at the minimum. But for developing a quality web application you’ll need a team with specialists to work upon. So it’s always better to go with some renowned web development agency to get your project developed from scratch. There are different tasks involved in a web development process which is very difficult to handle by a single person. Let’s dive deeper into the different roles, skill sets and talents required for a good web development team.

In this article we are mentioning the 5 roles that every web design project will need:

Project manager

Team has a leader who is responsible for taking the most important decisions. A web development team has a project manager as their leader. They control all the processes throughout the entire project. Following are the tasks of a project manager:

  • To communicate with customer
  • To schedule the project and give time estimates
  • To plan out the required human resource efforts and task allocation
  • To coordinate the combined work of the team members

Web development agency should select a person with good leadership and communication skills for the role of a project manager.

Project architect

A project architect is one who draws the line and defines the kind of a web app to be developed. They directly talk to the customers. On the basis of the information they have collected, they decide on the most suitable architecture for the customer’s business needs. After the approval of the architecture, the architect can be employed on the part-time basis. The project architect is in-charge of everything regarding frontend and backend-database data exchange and later web app integration also.

UI/UX designers

Firstly the web app designing is done on paper, you know about layouts and wireframes. Before you start designing the layout conduct a thorough research to understand the expectations and needs of the target audience of the web app. It’s not an easy task to put an abstract concept of human-computer interaction in a visible and tangible form. Few variants of a future user interface are created with constant reviews and improvements. At last the most successful design is chosen.

Web development agency should look for people with good analytical and psychological skills (can understand the users’ mindset), who are open-minded (readily accepts the input from outside) and graphic design skills.

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Web developers

A web app has at least two components- a back end and a front end. Therefore, there has to be at least one developer responsible for each of the two. The front-end developers work with the layouts provided to them by UI designers. They transform static interface images into a fully functional web app client-side. The front-end developers have the following skills programming in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and they work with front-end libraries and frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI, Angular, React JS, etc.).

The job of the back-end developers is to create the server side of a web app. They are proficient in PHP, Python, Java, .NET or Ruby on Rails and in the tools and web app frameworks based on them. Their main task is to ensure that the back end handles the received data and sends back to the front end in a correct, secure and stable way.

In web app development process, the duties of database developers are usually performed by back-end developers also because a database is a part of the server-side. The back-end developers are usually well-versed in one specific database since they prefer to work with the tools in one specific programming language only. So if you have a database which you want to integrate with the future web app, make sure that the back-end developers in your web development team knows how to work with it.

QA and testing specialists

A web quality assurance specialist ensures systematic approach to QA on all development stages so it is better to launch the QA processes at the beginning stage of the project. Start testing of the product after the availability of the very first versions of the front end. Many issues arise in connection with user experience so as testing specialists; make sure that the web app is fully functional on most of the popular browsers and their different versions. Take this into account during the initial scheduling by the project manager only.

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