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Tips for Entertainment for Children at Home

Tips for Entertainment for Children at Home

Are you looking for ideas to entertainment children while they stay at home? We’ve put together some of our favorite resources to help you keep your kids happy while you stay home!

Arts and Crafts

Kids love to play with their craft time, and there’s no reason to stop just because they’re trapped inside. Use recycled materials like cereal boxes, empty paper towel rolls, and yogurt containers to put together creations of your imagination.

If kids need inspiration, Mister Maker teaches arts and crafts entertainment and imaginatively, and ArtVenture has online art classes. Also, fashion retailer Seed now offers “At Home With Seeds” with a range of beautiful craft designs that kids can complete at home.

Health & Beauty

Keeping our children moving is essential to their health and well-being. Take the kids for a long bike ride outside for some fresh air or to the playground for cricket, soccer, tipping, or practicing railings and car wheels. If you don’t have a backyard (or the weather is terrible), you can always get kids moving around with an indoor hide-and-seek game or kid-friendly yoga session at Cosmic Yoga (the Pokemon and Frozen episodes are favorites on our House).

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The Animals:

Pets Animals

Spending time with the pet dog ​​or cat can provide endless fun for children. But if you don’t have pets, there are other ways to communicate with animals and wildlife. National Geographic Kids is full of fun games and activities and learning resources about animals and nature. Did you know that many zoos and aquariums offer live broadcasts with their animals? Tune in to the Sydney Aquarium, Melbourne Zoo, Sydney Wildlife Zoo, and Auckland Zoo and more to come, to spend time up close with your animals.

Educational Resources:

Spending 30 minutes of your time a day reading with your children (for them or them) is a great way to develop their reading and writing skills and to spend quality time together. Then talk about the story to discover your favorite parts or to explain the exciting words you heard. There are a wide variety of fantastic online educational resources that your children can learn even if they are stuck at home. Some great online resources include ABC Education, ABC-Ya, Twinkl, Khan Academy, ABC Reading Eggs, and Code Camp World.

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 Puzzles and Board Games:


It’s time to get all those board games out of the closet! Family games are a great way to keep kids entertainment and create fun family memories. Another idea is to get a pack of cards and search online for lots of ideas on how to reuse cards for many different types of games, develop math and problem-solving skills, as well as a small healthy family competition. Getting down to the ground and doing puzzles with your kids is a great way to work on problem-solving skills as well as bond with your kids.

Find toys, block puzzles, board games, craft supplies, and more in the stores below, open now! Each store’s hours of operation vary, so click on the store name below to find the hours of operation.

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