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Why Benjy Grinberg Is Joining De La Soul?

Why Benjy Grinberg Is Joining De La Soul?

De La Soul and Tommy Boy Records have been fighting over De La’s masters’ status for years. In 2019, the most valued hip hop group fought the Instagram assault on the label, accusing foundress Tom Silverman of being a mixed middle man. Surprisingly, the situation has not changed even after rounds of discussions to clear the air, and all is on the same level as before. The founder of Rostrum Records, Benjy Grinberg, took the chance in the best of both parties to assist and to address this problem.

When asked for clarification in an interview, De La Soul said he was really significant and had an enormous impact on his musical education. He recognised that with De La Soul and Prince Paul his love for Hip Hop and contribution began. It influenced Hip Hop’s creativity and determination. He is devoted to the League and wants to have a major and positive impact in whatever way he can. He admits, though, that it is an uphill fight and it’s not as easy as it would sound to achieve an excellent result with Tommy Boy.


They had spoken in their heartfelt writing with their followers, revealing that the album would be digitally released after they were committed to De La Soul and that they would not taste the best of a fantastic journey. This condition was compounded by business and financial transactions. Tommy Boy is responsible for 90% of the revenues and De La is unjust, 10%. They want music to prosper. They do not think that any businessman who benefits from their unethical practises should pay sincere artists for their loyalty and hard work. You are clearly asking for help and cultural respect.

Since Tommy Boy and Warner Bros. shut the records and. The contract was bought on the other WEA labels, De La Soul released a full new album. The Grind Date, on the 2004 record of Sanctuary/BMG. Instead, Elektra Records considered taking over their lease, but decided to give up WEA. Although the fans wished it was not the third AOI record, the album was well-reviewed and well-received by most fans. The guests of this album, produced by Wunder, Jake One, Madlib and others, include MF Doom, Ghostface Killah, Butta Verses and Flavor Flav.

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Archive Conflict

The collection was purchased by Tommy Boy Records in 2017. In February 2019, De La Soul announced that the full collection will soon be available on platforms for download. The publishing was postponed until further talks because 10 percent of the sales were frustrated. And the rest went to Tommy Boy. The Hip Hop artists who called for a boycott by the Tommy Boy are Nas, Pete and Questlove. In August, De La Soul announced that it has not been possible and has ended negotiations with Tommy Boy. “Kind of coming back to the table,” Tommy Boy said in February 2020. “We are trying to keep things going.” Rostrum Records Head. Benjy Grinberg said in April that in order to return the main records to De La Soul. He tried to acquire Tommy Boy.

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