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How to Fix мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] Error Code?
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How to Fix мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] Error Code?

мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b: мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error code appears in MS outlook devices, and as you may be aware, MS outlook is a well-known software for sending and receiving mail and important messages. Today, we are all addicted to technology, and MS Outlook is the most powerful technology for all-purpose communication. You can easily interact with someone who lives far away, but we occasionally run into error code troubles, such as the мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b]error.

So, in this article we’ll discuss that the way to solve мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error code, what’s мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error code and in end мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error solved conclusion.

What Does the Error Code мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] Mean?

As I previously stated, MS Outlook is the ideal software for private data and knowledge. Yet, this common type of error bothers us and leaves us perplexed as to what happens to our essential data when this error occurs. So, to be clear, there is no solution; this type of мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error code does not erase any data if you use the way I mentioned in this article.

So, first and primarily, I’ll be able to tell you what the error code мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] is.

The error code has been available in MS Outlook with many numbers, and there are many different types of numbers, but the answer is the same. However, this мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] error code is caused by a conflict with the SMTP server, and it occurs simply due to a poor software installation result.

How To Solve мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] Error Code?

You’ll be able to solve the error code in a matter of seconds if you use any of the solutions listed below. Follow the procedures and methods that appear to be the most convenient for you. On Windows, use the Auto Repair tool to repair the problem.

  1. Fix using the automatic repair tool in Windows
  2. Correction through the tabs of programs and functions.
  3. Examine the server requirements
  4. Verify duplicate account
  5. Configure your PC’s port numbers correctly.
  6. Check the antivirus software on your window

So, let’s discuss these methods:

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Method 1 Fix using automatic repair tools in Windows

If you have any problem during this error code мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b], then on your device, there is an automated repair tool on your device, then follow the steps below for automatic repair.

  • First of all, you want to choose the programs and the Attributes option found on the dashboard.
  • And on the side of another screen, you will see all the apps already installed on your device.
  • Now locate the EM prospect in the list to go further.
  • Now select the Modify option and then select the Repair option.
  • After all these steps, the tool will correct itself automatically, and the error мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] will be resolved.

Now you can easily send and receive mail to someone.

Method 2 Correction via the Programs and Features tabs

If you want to fix this error code мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b] via app and attributes, please follow the steps below:

  • First of all, you want to click Windows buttons and search for apps and attributes
  • Now you will see Microsoft Office 365 under apps and features or choose any desktop related app
  • Then on the higher side of apps and features, click on repair and now follow all the instructions on the screen

If the method is completed, please restart your MS Outlook device, and the error code is cleared, but if it persists, you want to run method -3

Method 3 Examine the server requirements on your PC

  • First of all, you want to start the MS Outlook program on your device to start the procedure.
  • Now you want to click on the FILE option, which is inside the program
  • Now, wait for the following screen to appear
  • Then navigate to the account settings
  • Now choose the email tab in another window
  • Now go ahead and choose your main MS Outlook account, which is in the windows list
  • After that, click on Settings and start the webmail setup option
  • Now open another window and visit the general tab with the outgoing server (SMTP), which requires alternate authentication.
  • In the end, save the settings, click the OK button, now your error мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b is resolved.

Method 4 checks for a duplicate account

I am still confused and have no solution, so please follow this method.

  • First of all, you want to open account settings from the menu
  • Then click on the mail button
  • Now rate the duplicate account from the list and choose anyone
  • Then click delete to delete when your account is duplicated.
  • Your error мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b is now resolved.

Method 5: Configure your PC’s port numbers correctly.

  • Again, you want to open the MS Outlook program on your computer
  • Now go to the account configuration and click on the email and choose your main account
  • Within seconds, a replacement window will appear.
  • After that, you want to select some complicated options within it.
  • Now check the changes and click on the OK button.
  • And in any case, these steps fix your error мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b.

But please confirm before logging in; it will restart your device.

Method 6 Check the antivirus software on your window

Sometimes the antivirus has expired, or we don’t have antivirus, so this reason becomes error code мой [pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b], that is why we are faced with the problem of error code мой pii_email_81776c7d9423ed98546b.

So for this method, you would like to be ready to start using MS Outlook generally on your computer.


If you follow our methods and process for outlook problems, you can quickly solve the error code [pii_email_5df70dfa05d9b2c10f6d] in less amount of time. If you have any more suggestions or ideas regarding the solution, you can leave us a comment to include that in our article it may be helpful to our readers and viewers.

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